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We Thrive On Assisting YOU Close
The Deal !  


We're The Master Match Makers Of Joint Venturing  Deals 

Closing deals In the world of real estate is all about who HAS THE DEALS  &  WHO HAS THE FUNDING! Here at Finesse Realty Investments, we pride ourselves on bringing the two parties together and watching the magic happens. 

If your a end Buyer, Builder or Private Lender that's always on the hunt for the right  deals (Property, Mobile Homes  or Vacant Land ) or a Wholesaler  looking for  Buyers .

Contact  Finesse today and allow  us to  cater the deal to your specific criteria. 


Are you  stuck & need our help ?   

Reliable, Flexible Solutions

We strive to find the solutions investors need to make deals happen. So call us today to brainstorm a personalized solution to your unique situation.

Lightning Fast Micro- Funding

We know how quickly real estate deals  can change, so we strive to help you  close as fast as possible.

We are not lenders, however we can help with micro funding with things like  EMD ( upfront earnest money )probate expenses or Back end funding to finish your flipping project. 


Grow Your Vision


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